Top 29 Athletes Who Have Had Plastic Surgery

It’s not unusual for figures in the public eye to go under the knife once or twice. You might think this practice is just for those in the acting or modelling trade, but several professional athletes have had work done. Whether they’ve done it to increase their athletic prowess or just their looks, here are the 29 top athletes who’ve had plastic surgery.

Simona Halep

In an interesting turn of affairs, Halep is one of the few women athletes to have a breast reduction instead of augmentation. She would also excel at Tennis competitions following the surgery, making it well worthwhile.


Rebecca Adlington

The four-time Olympic Gold medalist swimmer has always been known for her strong Roman nose. Still, she decided to opt for rhinoplasty to shave off her bump and straighten it out.


Eva Marie

One of the newer women wrestlers to join the WWE, Eva Marie had to have surgery to fix a leaking breast implant. Apparently, most women with implants will experience leaking within 11 years of having them.


Sydney Leroux

Having dual citizenship, Leroux has competed at an international level for both the United States and Canada at Soccer. She also has had a boob job in recent years.


Bruce Jenner (Now Caitlyn Jenner)

Probably one of the most dramatic cosmetic surgery changes in recent times, even ignoring Jenner’s transition to being a woman. With botched rhinoplasty and a face lift having started the obsession, Jenner would continue having cosmetic surgery for years.


Dwayne Johnson

Despite having one of the most sculpted bodies in Hollywood, Johnson had pockets of fat in his chest he couldn’t get rid of. Johnson was open about his liposuction and used it to make a message about Hollywood’s unobtainable standards to regular people.


Sasa Curcic

A 10 year veteran of top level Soccer, Curcic was unhappy with his nose and had rhinoplasty to reduce its size. He claims it gave him trouble breathing, but his wife has openly suspected otherwise.


Serena Williams

Part of the Williams tennis dynasty, Serena is rumoured to have had all sorts of plastic surgery. With talks of rhinoplasty to breast augmentations, Serena herself has never confirmed or denied having gone under the knife.


Camala Rodriguez-McClure

A fitness model and a bodybuilder, McClure ran into the common problem for most women bodybuilders, a diminished bust size. Breast augmentation was the solution to this, given the size of her chest compared to body fat percentage.


Trish Stratus

Fitness model and former pro wrestler, Trish Stratus is well regarded in the WWE as one of the best female wrestlers of all time. She also joins the ranks of former women wrestlers with boob jobs.


Natalie Gulbis

A Golf pro who has been in the limelight since a young age, Gulbis has been under the knife several times according to speculation. Cudos to her surgeon, as you wouldn’t know it just by looking at her.


Torrie Wilson

Now a retired fitness model and wrestler, Wilson had to receive rhinoplasty to fix an injury suffered during a match. On top of this, she’s clearly had breast implants in the past. It seems to be a running trend in women wrestlers.


Katarina Witt

A former German Olympic figure skater and one-time Playboy model. Witt has had a laundry list of plastic surgery done to her in the past, from rhinoplasty to breast augmentation, to even a facelift. That must be why she’s looking young for someone in her 50s.



Former WWE wrestler Lita, real name Amy Dumas, is certainly no stranger to a little plastic surgery. Her breast augmentation was a pretty sudden change in appearance for the formerly athletic looking wrestler.


Rich Franklin

Known as “Ace”, Rich Franklin is a UFC fighter who caught a nasty kick to the face. Widely regarded as one of the worst nose injuries in the sport, reconstructive rhinoplasty was applied to reset his nose.


Didier Drogba

After a nasty collision on the pitch, the Soccer player was stretchered off the field with a mouth of crushed teeth. One dose of cosmetic dentistry later, and Drogba’s smile is better than ever.


Angela Rypien

A quarterback in the Women’s League of American Football, Rypien is part of a sports legacy as the daughter of NFL player Mark Rypien. A recipient of breast augmentation surgery, we can only hope they serve as airbags on the Football field.


Nikki Bella

Current WWE wrestler and part of a duo with her twin sister Brie, Nikki Bella has been open and candid about her decision to get breast augmentation in 2012. At least now you’ll be able to tell the twins apart.


Wes Welker

The NFL player suffered the same fate as many men before him, male pattern baldness. He opted to have a hair restoration surgery, which involving transplanting healthy follicles into bald or thinning patches.


Nick Diaz

As a fighter in MMA competitions, Diaz would find himself very prone to cuts above the eyes and had matches forfeited as a result. A round of scar revision surgery would later enable him to avoid cuts above the eyes in the ring.


Stephanie McMahon

Daughter of WWE owner Vince McMahon, Stephanie has most clearly had some work done over the years. While the boob job seems obvious, it’s also likely she had some alterations made to her nose too.


Mark Lamb

Teeth tend to fly pretty often in the NHL, but for Mark Lamb, he needed a set of dental implants pretty badly. While Hockey players usually wear mouthguards now, spitting out a mouthful of teeth still isn’t that unusual in the sport.


David Beckham

Star and Ambassador of the Soccer world, it’s debatable if Beckham has had any cosmetic surgery at all. Given the suspicious filling in of some wrinkles and creases, we suspect some Botox has been done.


Colin White

Ice Hockey is already established as one of the most dangerous sports going, as Colin White quickly found out. A rogue puck hit White in the nose, effectively shoving it onto the other side of his face. Ouch.



WWE alumni Sable, also known as Rena Greek, left the company and filed a lawsuit worth $100 million, citing unsafe working conditions and sexual harassment. To the surprise of nobody, she’s had a boob job.


Wayne Rooney

Celebrated Soccer player Wayne Rooney never had a full hairline. It became more noticeable over the years as it began thinning and receding. He had a hair transplant and was fairly candid in doing so.


Evander Holyfield

With Holyfield being a boxer, some disfigurement can be expected from taking a beating for a living. Nothing could have prepared him for Mike Tyson biting him, and he required reconstructive surgery on the damaged ear.

Sammy Sosa

The Chicago Cubs Baseball player is looking a little different these days. Clearly, he’s been taking style tips from the late Michael Jackson, and Sosa is now several shades lighter than he ever used to be.


Rene Higuita

In a bizarre turn of events, the Colombian Soccer player opted to have significant plastic surgery done live on television. Apparently dissatisfied with the way he used to look, he calls his current self “Handsome Rene”.