The Weirdest College Stadiums

There’s nothing worse than having to sit through a college football game, in a stadium that sucks. These are easily one of the weirdest college football stadiums on the planet!

Ball State – Scheumann Stadium

Back in 2010, this college stadium had an average attendance BELOW 9,000! Although they’re climbing back up the ranks now, they’re hardly filling the stands with adoring college fans.


Louisiana-Lafayette – Cajun Field

A fairly small stadium, in the middle of nowhere. The lack of attendees means that the atmosphere is far from thrilling here.


North Texas – Apogee Stadium

Mean Green refers to one of the greenest teams (and stadiums) in the whole of America; ironic in a state that relies on oil revenue. Their home field has some weirdly shaped stands…


Akron – InfoCision Stadium

Any college football fan will tell you that this stadium has the worst atmosphere in America. Some of the fans need to sit on grass instead of proper bleachers!


Miami – SunLife Stadium

Those of you who have ever been to this “college stadium” will know that there are always far more seats than there are fans. It hardly makes for an exciting game, when you’re cheering on your own. We hope the Miami Hurricanes get a proper home sooner than later.


Rice – Rice Stadium

Considering the local team hasn’t been doing so well recently, we’re surprised anyone turns up to this huge stadium at all. You’ll always find empty seats in this bland-as-rice stadium.


Washington State – Martin Stadium

An odd stadium with no college atmosphere can just about get away with things in sunny California, but it doesn’t cut the mustard in Washington State. It’s cold, it’s dismal, and no one wants to be there at game night.


University of Hawaii – Aloha Stadium

This college football stadium looks like an absolute junkyard, but that’s not the only reason it made it onto our list. You can also thank the fighting fans, who have got a bit of a rep for bad behaviour.


Eastern Michigan – Rynearson Stadium

Around 20,000 people make it to the concrete stands of this stadium when the weather is good, which probably hasn’t been helped by the team record of 9 home wins in 5 years. Might be time to call it quits.

028 emu rynearson stadium

Central Michigan – Kelly/Shorts Stadium

With one of the lowest turnouts of any college football team on our list, we can’t help but ponder what the case may be. Perhaps no one likes saying they’re going to Kelly Shorts? That could be it.


Idaho – Kibbie Dome

We have no words for this stadium! It looks like a silo on its side. The team has won 3 games in 6 years and has an attendance less than 15,000. Is there even any point in it being there?


Northwestern – Ryan Field

You’ll always see far more away fans than home fans at this stadium, which never really reaches capacity. Perhaps that’s why they rarely bother renovating this pretty boring football stadium.


Middle Tennessee State – Johnny “Red” Floyd Stadium

We can’t quite work out who thought it would be a good idea to expand the stadium of a team who couldn’t fill their previous one to capacity. They play awfully, the stadium is awful, it’s just a shambles.


UT San Antonio – The Alamodome

This is easily one of the ugliest college football stadiums we have ever had the pleasure of clapping eyes on. And they draw in less than 30,000 average fans on a good day.


San Jose State – Spartan Stadium

Turns out that the Spartans aren’t as fierce as their name might suggest, which could be why this stadium is always pretty empty. Killer atmosphere? You should be so lucky.


San Diego State – Qualcomm Stadium

There’s nothing particularly wrong with this stadium as such, other than the fact no one ever seems to turn up to games. The atmosphere in a half filled stadium isn’t exactly buzzing.


Colorado State – Sonny Lubick Field

This stadium used to be packed, when the CSU team was actually any good. As the team got worse, so did the attendance. You’d be lucky to see if half full on a good day now. What a shame.


Buffalo – UB Stadium

Considering they had such a small attendance (average 20,000) we can’t quite work out why they thought it made sense to expand the stadium. It has to be one of the worst in America.


Louisiana – Monroe – Malone Stadium

With an average of 17,000 fans turning up each game, we can’t imagine that there’s a whole lot of fun to be had at this stadium. Especially when it hasn’t been renovated in so long too.


Duke – Wallace Wade Stadium

We had to put this one at the bottom of the list, because it has just undergone some pretty awesome renovations. Will the changes mean attendance gets better, however? It’s doubtful.


Washington University – Roos Field

The turf is red, the stands aren’t great, and most of the audience is far from the pitch. It’s maximum capacity is 8500 people.


Central Arkansas University – Estes Stadium

If red wasn’t enough for you, Estes Stadium has a purple gray pitch. Central Arkansas University expanded their stadium’s capacity over the years, and now their maximum capacity is 9000.