Muscles that you might be missing

We all know that humans have very similar bodies, and our genetic makeup is such that our interiors are very similar. But, what if you discovered that this wasn’t actually necessarily the case? Well, it turns out that our bodies might not all be as similar as we originally thought they were. As we know, there are parts of our bodies that seemingly serve little purpose, such as our wisdom teeth.

But, we bet you didn’t know that the same thing is true with regard to muscles in the body as well. Indeed, many of the muscles in the body actually have no function, and some people even lack these muscles at all! So, how do you know whether you’re lacking in muscles, and which ones might you be missing? Well, you may not even notice, because these muscles generally aren’t used, so genetics makes them disappear for some people.

Occipitalis minor

This is perhaps one of the most useless and pointless muscles in the entire body, and we can definitely see why it basically disappeared in some people. This is a muscle located at the base of the skull, that helps with allowing people to move their skull lightly. Of course, this is not an essential evolutionary trait these days, so, unsurprisingly, many people no longer have the muscle. Almost a third of Europeans, as well as around half of Japanese people are born without it.


The wonderfully named pyramidalis is a muscle that is located in the abdomen. It is a triangular-shaped muscle, and, while most people have two, around twenty percent of people don’t have one at all. The function of it is completely pointless, so you’re not missing out if you don’t have one. It’s difficult to tell whether or not you have one, and that should indicate to you how much of a meaningless muscle it actually is.


This is a muscle that almost nobody has – in fact, previous studies showed that 6 out of 32,000 women actually have this muscle. It’s a muscle that runs vertically across the sternum, and rests on top of the pectorals, though it is unknown exactly what the purpose of this muscle really is. This is a muscle that is so uncommon that we actually know hardly anything about it these days. Only around eight percent of human beings are thought to have this muscle.


Yes, this might sound like one of the stars of Alpha Centauri, but it’s actually a muscle of around 2-3 inches, found at the top of the leg. This muscle actually seres more of a purpose than the others, but still not a major one – it helps with the flexing of the knee. However, you can still get along perfectly fine without this muscle, therefore it is basically pointless.Despite this, it can be very useful if you need to have surgery – so, if you’re one of the ten percent you’re in luck.

These are just a few of the muscles in the body that are missing or have disappeared in some people. There are a lot of muscles that we simply don’t need and never use, and the body just makes them disappear after a while. These are some of the examples of muscles that only a select number of people actually have, and you might be one of them.