Oops! People Who Took Selfies With A Fake Celeb

People run into celebrities all the time… or at least, that’s what they think. Crazy fans jump on their social media with their mistaken celebrity meetings and share it on their platform of choice, only to be called out in the comments section by people who aren’t blinded by their love for the movies. If you’re looking for a good giggle, you’ll enjoy these oops! moments where people took a photo with someone they were convinced was a celebrity.

Matt Damon… Or Mark Wahlberg?

We need to give Mark Whalberg some serious street cred for this one. Not only did this girl shout “Matt Damon!” at him from across the street, she posted their chance encounter to her social media and sent texts to her contact list. It’s funny that Mark went along with the ploy and pretended to be Matt – but it’s even funnier when this girl was corrected over text probably realized who it really was later on. Hey, it’s okay. They both were in The Departed, after all.


“Ryan Gosling” Wanted A Free Meal

The wait staff at The Mogul thought they had Ryan Gosling eating at their fine dining establishment. Boy, were they wrong. This look-a-like doesn’t even come close to the real thing but in his defense, we bet restaurant offered him a meal on the house. If the real Ryan was eating at their place, though, wouldn’t he be able to afford picking up the check? We wouldn’t expect this wait staff to realize that since they think this is actually Noah from The Notebook.


Not All Pirates Are Johnny Depp

Our favorite part about this “celebrity” selfie is the girls claiming they fed Johnny Depp a hot dog. We know that the real Johnny has aged over the years, but we don’t think he looks this rugged. Just because you see someone on the street who looks like a modern day pirate and wears hipster glasses, that doesn’t make him Johnny Depp. That’s a lesson to learn for the future, ladies.


Reese Witherspoon… Apparently

If a girl is Southern, has blonde hair, and a dainty nose – then she must be Reese Witherspoon! Although, we can’t remember the real Reese ever having an eyebrow piercing? If we met this girl in person, it’d be more convincing to us that she’d be Reese’s daughter, Ava. Even so, that’d also be a far-fetched claim. You know what they say, though. Ignorance is bliss – and if this dude still believes until this very day that he met America’s Sweetheart, good for him… sort of.


A Drake Doppelganger

In this guy’s defense, he sort of does resemble Drake. In these girl’s defense, they don’t look entirely sober. From far away, this Drake doppelganger could have everyone fooled – he has the beard, the hair, the eyebrows, and the height. From up close, the differences become a bit more apparent. The only bad news in this selfie is the humiliation that probably ensued in the comments section. It makes for a funny story, though… right?


Maisie Williams Or Maybe Not?

On Game of Thrones, Maisie’s character Arya is pretty good at changes faces. She did train with the Many-Faced God and learned a specific skill set that would make her unidentifiable to most people, but the opposite is true in this case. The “icon” pictured above is just an ordinary girl, and poor Adam C got duped by her at a passing glance. We hope she didn’t make him pay her for an autograph, as well.


Being Goth Must Make You Marilyn Manson

We can hardly imagine the look on Marilyn Manson’s face when he woke up to start his night at 9pm and saw this tagged photo. Apparently, all goths are Marilyn Manson and Marilyn Manson, contrary to what he might believe, resembles any ordinary goth. This guy even made the encounter with fake-manson his profile picture! We’re sure that default was changed up real quick.


Maybe It Could Be Mike Tyson?

The face tattoo on this fake-Tyson is scary. To be honest, that guy could’ve fooled anyone into thinking he’s Mike. Even if that tattoo is temporary. In a dark night club with the vibes flowing, it’s no wonder these girls thought they met real deal. After that flash went off, though, we’re sure they reviewed the picture and had some doubts. At least, we certainly hope they did.


“Orange Is The New Albany?”

You’d think that with all the attention and obsessive binge-watching a true Orange Is The New Black fan would know what Taylor Schilling looks like. Taylor plays the lead character in the prison-based Netflix tv show, a blonde good girl gone recently bad named Piper. We really enjoyed reading through the side thread as commenters slowly being to point out that isn’t actually the OINTB actress. Close but no cigar, buddy!


Really, “Rihanna?”

We actually feel a little bit bad for this selfie. This girl is so excited to meet her idol, Rihanna, and you can see it all over her face and in her shaky shoulders. We do, however, expect people to have a little more common decency and admit when they aren’t an R&B-Pop sensation to a young, mistaken girl on the street. Way to go fake-Ri Ri – not cool. Don’t worry, purpleJulia. You’ll get to meet the real Rihanna one day. Hopefully.


One Elijah To Rule Them All

Any real Lord Of The Rings fan would know this isn’t Elijah Wood. Elijah’s curly locks are shorter than this dude’s and has more of a boyish charm. If Golemn were there for their photo opp, he would be able to tell the difference between the fake and the real prescious in an instant! Unfortunately, now this guy thinks he met the real Elijah… and that magic really does exist.


Ed Sheeran’s #Truefan!

We can’t even begin to point out the hilarity in this picture. First of all: #truefan. Second of all: this guy’s hair is so not firey enough to be the real Ed Sheeran. Third of all: the incorrect spelling in the photo’s caption. “thank for the photo last nights.” This picture going up on the web was a major oops for more than just the mistaken identity of one of the world’s international popstars.


The Taylor Swift Stand-In

Most young boys dream about meeting Taylor Swift. Unfortunately for Sean, he didn’t get to experience the real deal. This fake-celebrity selfie is the ultimate paradox- a kid takes a picture with a cute girl who is convinced by his friend (the one posting the picture), that he’s just met Taylor Swift. In reality, she’s not Taylor. And now, they’ll both have to write a song about their sad T-Swift encounter instead of the real Taylor writing one of her sad songs.


Tina Fey Looks Confused

What’s better than someone embarrassing themselves on the internet? A child embarrassing their parent on the internet, obviously. Emily’s dad thought he met Tina Fey in a local restaurant today. We don’t know where that restaurant is but if it isn’t in Los Angeles or New York, it probably wasn’t her. Oh heck, it definitely wasn’t her. See picture below for hysterical (and totally adorable parental) proof.


When Did Jake Gyllenhaal Go Blonde?

You know what? This fake-Jake’s eyes are pretty close to the blue beauties of the real-Jake’s. Other than that, the blonde hair gives this imposter away. It’s not just his head hair- it’s his beard and eyebrows, too. If the actual Jake Gyllenhaal was going to dye his hair blonde for a role, we’re pretty sure he’d stop at his forehead. We wonder if this happy guy keeps a wallet-size of this on him at all times. It looks like would.


Kanye West’s Stunt Doubles

We don’t think Kanye West would like all of these people impersonating him. After all, he’s supposed to be the one and only. Here we have not 1, but 4 Kanye replicas pretending to be Yeezy! The guy in the top right corner should have known he wasn’t meeting the real Kanye when he referred to him as a “chill dude.” If Ye wasn’t interrupting you during every sentence you spoke then it wasn’t the real deal, buddy.


Dwight Howard Was Busy Slam-Dunking

We thought the fake-Rihanna was a rude girl until we see this social media post, right here! These young girls stood in front of this man and looked for his name while he openly laughed – he could’ve said yes to any NBA name they threw out him. However, the real Dwight Howard stepped forward and called him out for the world to see. Howard was a playing, so it was impossible for him to be hanging with these girls at the time.


The Bruno Mars Blunder

This guy looks way more like a modern day version of Ricky Ricardo than Bruno Mars. The first clue (that this guy wasn’t Bruno), is his height. The pop singer is notoriously short in real life and probably wouldn’t look so tall next to this girl depending on her size. It must have felt nice to be mistaken for Bruno Mars, though. That’s probably how this guy gets all the numbers from the ladies! Let’s just hope they don’t ask him to serenade them – then, his cover will definitely be blown.


Usher: #UGotItWrong

We’re going to chop this case of mistaken identity up to sleep deprivation and call it a night, at least for her (it’s clearly been a long one). At 6:30 am, after a night of presumably getting wild, this girl bumped into “Usher” and posted it to her Instagram. We’re sure this is one of those mistakes you regret the morning after when you wake up sober. It’ll be something fun to share with the kids one day. #UGotItWrong, boo.


A Wolverine Copycat

Sorry, Hugh Jackman. Some rando out there is pretending to be you and is throwing up the wolverine sign for all your fans who want a picture. This Wolverine looks a bit skinny, no? Considering the time clock on this guy’s phone, it’s safe to say that his use of military time means he’s from another country. He’s not as used to seeing Hugh Jackman’s face everywhere like Americans do, so let’s give him the benefit of the doubt on this one.


Isn’t This Politically Incorrect, Peter?

We’re starting to think there’s a trend here. Maybe Game of Thrones fans don’t actually remember what the characters of the show actually look like? Anyway, Peter Dinklage is pretty much the man and just because another person has Dwarfism you can’t assume they’re one in the same! Also, don’t let older people buy “adult beverages” for you. You could get them into trouble and that’s even more unfair.


That’s Not Spiderman

We know Tobey McGuire has been keeping a low profile since his Spiderman days, but that’s not an excuse for this selfie oops. This man doesn’t even slightly resemble the original Spiderman but hey, we can’t blame him for pretending to be. No – not because it would be cool to pretend he was the masked Avenger, but because this guy asking him to take a picture is huge and kind of scary. He kind of reminds us of the Hulk, actually.


Being Chris Pratt For A Night

This picture isn’t just funny because it happened – it’s funny because the guy who thought he met Chris Pratt was able to laugh at himself the next day. After Pratt’s recent rise in stardom after the release of Jurassic Park and his new movie with Jennifer Lawrence, we assume he’s being recognized much easier these days. This Pratt look-a-like in the picture isn’t too far off from the real deal. But, he’s definitely not the Andy from Parks & Recreation we all know and love.


Does He Know He’s Rod Stewart?

It feels like the guy posting to Facebook only assumed he was hanging out with rock legend, Rod Stewart. He got a snap of the priceless moment anyway and fake-Rod didn’t seem to mind getting in on the action. This hairstyle is pretty close to Rod’s signature look, though. Oh, who are we kidding? That’s exactly the way Rod Stewart styles his hair.


Bradley Cooper Is Not The Role He Plays

Unless this photo was taken during the filming of American Sniper, we don’t understand what makes a fan think an actor stays in character long after the movie has been released. Except for you, Johnny Depp. We know you stay in character. Bradley Cooper gave an amazing performance in the sniper film, but we could understand how he’d want to go back to his original look after production wrapped. This guy on the other hand, with the blacked-out face, doesn’t quite get that.


Will Smith Is A Good Sport

We always knew Will Smith had a great sense of humor but he just gained a truckload of brownie points for this one. This young, female fan mistook him for rapper Tyler the Creator, and he just went along with it (probably to avoid embarrassing her). Once this picture went up on the web, her oops moment was all too easily exposed but it’ll be great for a good laugh in the future. Besides, meeting The Fresh Prince is much cooler. Sorry, Tyler.


George R.R. Martin In The Flesh?

We told you there was something strange going on with the Game of Thrones fandom. In all honesty, this old guy can get away with pretending to be George R.R. Martin, but that doesn’t mean he has to keep doing it to the poor kid! The best quote in the comments section is “He’s writing his new book in front of Kings Cross Station.” This obvious reference to Harry Potter only makes this whole thing even funnier. We hope this kid caught on sooner or later.


Barack No-bama

If we had to pick a President that was most likely to go visit a fast food joint and shake hands with the commoners, it would probably be Obama. Too bad that just isn’t the case here, and this young, french fry enthusiast will have to face the comments on his threads sooner or later. This Obama impersonator does do a good finger point, though. He pulls off the Barack Obama pose flawlessly when he does that.


Russell Crowe Goes To Applebees?

No, we don’t really think Russell Crowe goes to Applebees. In fact, we don’t believe that’s really Russell Crowe. This fake celebrity photo speaks for itself, so we don’t divulge into it too much. All we can say – maybe it was for 2 for 1 Margarita night at Applebees? We know they have those happy hour promotions, sometimes.


Beiber Fever Makes You Hallucinate

We know Justin Beiber has a way of making the girls go crazy, but this is just too much. Clearly, she doesn’t see past this imposter’s delicate cheek bones and soft skin. We know better, though. Take a word of advice, please; if you’re getting a candid photo or snapping a selfie with a celebrity, ask them for their ID! And then, question them on why it’s so easy for you to talk to them and take pictures with their body guard not there to protect them.