HUGE Mistakes In Your Favorite Films

It’s time to take a closer look at some of our favorite films and discover that a lot of them were full of noticeable mistakes!



One of the best parts about watching a movie – especially if you’ve seen it before – is looking for the easter eggs the director put in or, more importantly, the bloopers! While producers and directors work there hardest to make their movies as accurate and perfect as possible, it is inevitable that a mistake or two is made somewhere along the road. These mistakes include a lot of missed details that were caught on film and ended up making it all the way to the post-edited version of the movie. For instance, there are newspapers that have spelling errors in them and wardrobe choices that are completely wrong for the time period the movie is set in. There are also certain period pieces, addresses of famous buildings and areas that we know are wrong amongst so much more. Alas, movie makers are only human and sometimes they miss a minute detail or error in the midst of a giant movie production. However, sometimes the error is big enough that entire audiences catch on and can no longer concentrate on the movie because they’re to busy focusing on the glaring mistake!

The most common (and kind of ridiculous) mistake which can be seen in films is when a character is supposed to be aging throughout the movie. The makeup department tries so hard to maintain the actors look that they don’t do a good enough job making him or her look old in the film. Such a situation was evident in the film The Patriot with Mel Gibson. Another issue that is common is the use of props that wouldn’t have existed in the time period the movie is set. This is why productions have research teams!

Film directors are almost counting on the fact that we as moviegoers don’t know history and that we aren’t well versed enough in the histories of various items. While that may be true for most of us, there are always historians who are ready to call out directors on their mistakes. And sometimes, there are mistakes so brazen and glaring that it’s tough not to notice them! The funniest is when an extra is wearing modern clothing in a period piece, or when a character has a scar on one cheek and then on the other. The key to not letting these things happen is consistency and attention to detail.

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