Celebrity Wives: Then and Now


Celebrity wives are a specimen of their own. They are most likely some part of show business and are without a doubt gorgeous. Some marriages last, others don’t, but lucky for us, these celebrities were always in front of the paparazzi eye, so we have documentation of these couples combined levels of attractiveness. You will be absolutely mind blown when you see these then and now photos of the wives, former and present, of these celebrity men.

John Travolta – Kelly Preston | Then

These two are just plain perfect for one another. Kelly and John met in 1987 on the set of The Experts. They married in 1991 (after Kelly’s break-up with Charlie Sheen, who shot her in the arm by accident!). The two are devout Scientologists, so they had to have to wedding ceremonies – one legal and one in accordance to Scientology. Their first ceremony took place on a flight to Paris, France where they were flying to a friend’s wedding ceremony at the theHotel de Crillon. Their second ceremony was in Daytona Beach, Florida. Kelly and John had three children together – Jett, Ella Bleu, and Benjamin.


John Travolta – Kelly Preston | Now

Fortunately, John and Kelly are still married. ¬†They’ve endured their fair share of hardship in recent years. Sadly, in 2009, their eldest son Jett died after suffering a fatal seizure on a family trip to the Bahamas. Jett had been struggling with his autism diagnosis discretely for years and had experienced seizures in the past. ¬†These days, although, you can see that despite many years of marriage and emotional obstacles, these two seem as in love as ever.