50 People Magazine Covers You Need To See

Everyone loves good celebrity gossip, and that’s why we have tabloids like People Magazine to feed us. Here are some of the most famous covers you don’t want to forget. Check it out, it might bring back some nostalgic memories.

When Donald Had Hair

This is the ultimate proof that Donald Trump had luscious hair at some point. He might be burying this one if he becomes President!


An Odd Romance

There were no words when J-Lo from the block and Ben Affleck came out as a couple. That’s why this cover is so special, it reminds us that stranger things can happen.


When Kim Kardashian Turned 30

In 2010 Kim Kardashian was just a single 30 year old model. Now we can’t open a magazine without a picture of Kimye or their growing family. Did she imagine this at the age of 30?


Star Wars

It would take something pretty special to get a geeky film on the front of gossip magazines these days. But back then Star Wars was just as cool as all the other celebrity news.


The Sexiest Man Alive

You might not want to believe it, but once upon a time we thought that Mel Gibson was the sexiest man alive. Then we realized he was an anti-semitic racist.


Action Hero

The 80s and 90s were Schwarzenegger’s decade. But did you know that there was a point when he was referred to as Maria Shriver’s man? Nope, we didn’t either.


Happy Couples

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman were our loveable sweetheart. It almost broke our hearts, as much as theirs did, when they divorced.


Royal Babies

This famous People cover will go down in history. Prince William was the celebrity baby of the day, and gosh doesn’t his son George look just like him now!


Rock Star

Yes, it’s true. Even if you don’t remember it, Bruce Willis once had a go at being a rockstar. He wasn’t that bad either. Maybe in another life eh Bruce?


The R Issue

In 1996, People Magazine decided to open this can of worms. Racism was rife back then, and though we have made some progress today, there are still huge gaps needing to be addressed.


Vinnie Barbarino

There was a time when John Travolta was known better as Vinnie Barbarino. Oh and had his own hair. The proof is in the pudding.


Parents to be

When this tabloid went live, Dakota Johnson was growing inside Melanie Griffith’s belly. We can’t imagine these parents thought their baby girl would end up starring in a 50 Shades of Grey type movie.


Brooke Shields

We all know that Brooke Shields is most men’s fantasy, but as a 12 year old girl on this cover there were many fears of her sparking controversy for her young age and beauty. These days, it doesn’t seem like we have problems with Kylie Jenner being half dressed on magazine covers.


Oscar Winner

When you look at this People cover, you wouldn’t imagine this strange looking, moustache donning man would go on and win an Oscar. Well he did. Good on you Ron!


Battlestar Galactica

You have to admit, this show was excellent at its peak. It was even considered the most expensive show on TV in those days, with the pilot costing $7 million dollars.


Hot Man

Don’t be shy, you once thought Richard Gere was a heart throb. What we love most about this cover is that is shows that a man could once be hot without needing added airbrushed abs.


Dallas Plotlines

It’s not often we get TV plot lines on magazine front covers. Well this Dallas plot got us all in a twist. Remember who it shot J.R? OK, it was Kristin.


Lady Diana

Before she became the Princess of Hearts she was called Lady Diana. This People cover shows the moment America fell in love with this British Royal.


Our Favorite Friend

OK, so he wasn’t one of the original cast in Friends, but we loved Tom Selleck as Monica’s older flame. In 1984 he looked exactly the same as he did 15 years later in the TV series. Now that’s what we call youthful skin!


The Wonderful Boy George

Americans were completely confused when Boy George came into the music scene. His gender, sexuality and fashion style were all scrutinized. We came to love him pretty quickly though.


Timeless Beauty

Meryl Streep has always been a timeless beauty, just check out this cover. She hasn’t aged a bit in decades.


Cheeky Prince Harry

Remember when the second royal baby was born? We fell completely in love with Prince Harry, and even at this age his cheekiness can be clearly seen.


Is This for Real?

You won’t be seeing covers like this anymore. People once put Nazi news on the front page of their magazine, making headlines all over the world.


Badass Penn

There was a lot of hope for this badass couple. When Madonna married Sean Penn we were all wondering how this will end. Well now we know. Sean has had a string of ex-wives and Madonna is still the queen of pop.


AIDS Epidemic

In the late 80’s AIDS became an epidemic in Hollywood and the world media, and this cover is proof of the fear people had. After realizing the world wasn’t going to end in a day, we got on to tackling the issue with prevention tactics.


Top New Star

Don’t you think that Whitney Housten was always a star in music? Well apparently not, according to this People magazine cover she was once a top new star. RIP Whitney.


The Man Known As Bruce

Caitlyn Jenner was once known as Bruce, and this is what he looked like back in the day. His hair looks just as fantastic as it does now.


On the Rocks

One of the first magazines to report on the failing marriage of Princess Diana and Prince Charles. The sad thing is, they were right.


Just Kidding

Not often to go with funny, but People magazine once published Jay Leno on their front cover as being the sexiest man alive. Thanks for the giggle People!


Julia In Love

Our American sweetheart Julia Roberts has always had a romantic love life. When she fell for Kiefer Sutherland we were all hoping for a forever after. Unfortunately it didn’t last very long.


Fighting for Justice

When an 18 –year old rape victim spoke out against her attacker, People magazine decided to publish it on their front page. It was due to the attacker being Mike Tyson, but we applaud them for standing up to justice.


Can This be True?

You probably read about her long line of suiters, but this one is just confusing. When Julia Roberts married Lyle Lovett we weren’t sure what was happening. Again, another marriage that didn’t last long.



Yes, Fabio was big enough to be on People magazine front cover. You might have seen him lately as the butter substitute representative on TV ads.


The Sexy Men of ER

George Clooney was once just one of four sexy men on ER. Looking back, we can’t believe we didn’t see his full sexiness potential!


Hit me Baby one More Time

No one can forget when Britney Spears crashed onto our screens as a teen pop idol. She made headlines for being too sexy. What would’ve happened if Kendall Jenner was around in those days?


The IT Couple

It was one of the most romantic love stories of our generation. Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were our relationship idols, and when it ended we couldn’t believe our eyes.


The One and Only

Is it possible that the Fonz once got front page headline on People magazine? According to this picture it is. How times have changed.


The Bush Twins

These two trouble makers were often featured in tabloids for their antics. Don’t they say like father like, well, daughter?


Serial Killer

Once upon a time tabloid magazines reported real news. This high publicity case was featured on almost every magazine cover, but can you remember the crime?


A Forgotten Reunion

Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta once reunited for filming, but no-one remembers it. Two of a Kind was a box office flop, but at least we have this cover photo to remember it by.


Our Favorite Comedian

Robin Williams problems were known, and publicized, almost 25 years before he took his life. We will forever miss our favorite comedian and talented actor.


Crocodile Dundee

This is a total mystery to us. Why on earth did People put Crocodile Dundee on their front cover? I guess we just have to accept the randomness and remember it was the over 20 years ago. A lot has changed since then.


The Woman Who Would Be Queen

Unfortunately for us, and the rest of the world, Princess Diana never made it to be Queen. She would’ve have the most glamorous Queen in history, don’t you think?


Hollywood’s Hottest Couple

We loved Bruce and Demi as a couple. And we love them even more now for being modern parents.


Sexiest Man Alive?

When did the editors of People magazine ever think this would be a good front page? Apparently in 1992, Nick Nolte was the sexiest man alive. We think not?


Young and Beautiful

Maria Carey was once a charismatic, young woman. Even back then she was considered a big voiced diva.



In 2005 we couldn’t believe the tabloids. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie? Could this be real? 6 kids later, you got your answer.


Tom and Katie

The strangest Hollywood coupling we wanted to believe would last. It didn’t. Well at least we get to watch one of the cutest celebrity babies, Suri, grow in Hollywood.


America’s Princess

We were so happy when Sandra Bullock finally found love with Jesse James. Unfortunately he would go on to cheat on her and break the marriage. She’s better off without him anyway!