Famous Women of the 70s – Where Are They Now?


Girls wanted to be them, guys wanted to date them. They were seen on both the big screen and the small screen, not to mention that they were plastered all over your bedroom wall – but where are these famous women of the 70’s now? We loved these icons of beauty, style, and talent just as much as the next person and we wanted to know what these ladies were doing now both in their professional life as well as their personal. We have to say that most of these women went on to have stupendous careers, but with the years come changes, and we were there to capture them.

Then – Lynda Carter

Flying to fame (pardon the pun) as Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter made the character totally iconic. In 1972, she was crowned Miss World America at that year’s beauty pageant.


Now – Lynda Carter

Now, she spends more time singing and recording music than she does acting. She has also performed as Mama Morton in a West End, London production of Chicago.