15 Sports Franchises Likely To Reboot Or Disappear

As with most things, if your franchise isn’t making money in sports, there’s a chance you won’t last too long! Here are fifteen sports franchises that we think could be on their way out very soon!

Tampa Bay Rays

Despite actually being a semi-successful team, the Tampa Bay Rays have appalling levels of support. Perhaps due to the awkward location of the stadium. Although they wouldn’t disappear entirely, it is looking likely that a relocation is on the cards sometime soon.


Florida Panthers

This NHL team are not doing too great. Due to their less-than-impressive game history, attendance at their games is pretty low, and therefore so is sponsorship. Money is so tight that they barely pay players the minimum – if things don’t pick up, they will be down the pan soon!

NHL: Ottawa Senators at Florida Panthers

Jacksonville Jaguars

Their current hometown of Jacksonville are not exactly supporters of the year when it comes to their NFL team. London, however, where they are playing several games, are big fans despite American Football not being established in England. There is likely to be a move soon, but when and where?!


Charlotte Bobcats/Hornets

In twelve years, the NBA team have had around six coaches, none of whom have been able to make a dent in their awful records. They are the second least valuable team and spend most of their time playing to practically a handful of “fans”…


Detroit Lions

The Lions are record holders, but not for the right reasons! In 2008, they became the first team ever to finish their season 0-16. It’s no wonder they don’t have a whole lot of money, nor prospects.


Phoenix Coyotes/Arizona Coyotes

With a lack of money and shortage of fans in the seats, things are not looking good for The Coyotes. They changed their name to Arizona Coyotes in 2014 in the hopes of reaching more fans, but things are still looking a little sketchy…


Florida Marlins/Miami Marlins

Thankfully, the failing Florida Marlins were moved to a new stadium in 2012, and their name was changed to the Miami Marlins. That said, things still aren’t perfect, and a move doesn’t fix everything, so they still need to be on their best behaviour!


New Orleans Hornets/New Orleans Pelicans

Another example of a franchise that had a successful name change. Since their rebrand, they have managed to qualify for the playoffs and things are looking like they’re on the up, for now. Fingers crossed that the Pelicans have more luck than the Hornets!

NBA: Playoffs-Golden State Warriors at New Orleans Pelicans

Buffalo Bills

A team with an incredibly low value, the only real options for Buffalo Bills now is either a relocation to a whole other city or at the very least, a new stadium nearby. The issue with that is their current lease at Ralph Wilson Stadium lasts until 2019!

Patriots Bills Football

New York Islanders

This NHL team have had more than their fair share of money problems, little fan support and management issues. Recently, after a decision was made to not attempt to rebuild their stadium, they moved to the Barclays Center. Here’s hoping this makes a difference to their stats.


Cincinnati Bengals

A team that a really struggling and hanging on by the skin of their teeth. It’s hard to support a team that are doing this badly in the NFL, and as we’ve seen – fewer fans means less money. Hopefully, the Cincinnati team will claw their way back.

A.J. Green, Marvin Jones

Oakland Athletics

As a baseball team who have to play in a football stadium, it’s no wonder things aren’t looking so hot for the Oakland Athletics! There is a potential move lined up to San Jose, but the San Francisco Giants are not a fan of this idea.


Oakland Raiders

Ah, Oakland. With the lowest attendance figures AND the least value in the NFL, Oakland needs some sort of miracle and fast. They will almost certainly be moving, but it’s difficult to work out where would want such a failing team!


Columbus Blue Jackets

In the past 16 years(!), the Columbus Blue Jackets haven’t had a whole lot of success within the NHL which in turn has made their face base pretty darn small. Never really filling their arena means they’re not very profitable so unless something changes soon, they’ll be disappearing!


Milwaukee Bucks

The owner Herb Kohl knows he needs to sell the team but isn’t keen on a relocation. That said, they need a new arena to adhere to NBA standards. The only way around this pickle is if Milwaukee is willing to build a new stadium – but are there enough fans to justify this?!