30 Facts You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Prince

There are not a lot of people out there that don’t love Prince. Though he was taken from us prematurely, there are still many things you probably didn’t know about him. Read on to find out more about the flamboyant artist we all came to love.

Addiction Spiral

When Prince passed away, many people speculated about the cause. Unfortunately it was known that he was struggling with an opioid addiction, drugs which are used to relieve pain. He had an appointment planned to see a doctor the day following his death.


Stalker Problems

Prince once stated that he had a female stalker that would come to his apartment and sit on the swings outside. Instead of calling the police, Prince went outside to sit with her. She never came back again.


A Big Fan

Apparently Prince was on the same block as John Lennon when he was assassinated. This was a major blow for the artist as he was a huge Beatles enthusiast.


A Lifetime of Work

Throughout his entire career, Prince wrote over 600 songs. That is even more than what the Beatles managed, and they were four people.


Keeping it in the Family

Prince was a family man. His sister, Tyka Nelson suffered from drug addiction and led a dangerous life in prostitution. Prince gave her a car, which she sold to pay for her unhealthy way of life.


Prince’s Child

In 1996, Prince’s wife Mayte Carcia- Nelson gave birth to their son. However, no public announcement was made and gossip started to spread through the tabloids. Many though that the child had health issues, though nothing was confirmed.


Crying in the Purple Rain

Sadly, Prince’s son died only 7 days after birth. He had Pfieffer’s syndrome, a rare condition that is caused by genetic problems.


Prince Bares All

It is no secret that Prince had some pretty intense affairs with women. In the song Scandalous Love Suite, you can hear some strange noises in the background. It is reported to be Prince and Kim Basinger having some fun in the studio.


Bedroom Secrets

Not all of Prince’s partners were so kind towards him. When they split, Charlene Friend discussed how Prince had some strange parties at his house using equipment like cages and whips. She even tried to sue him. She should’ve known what she was getting herself into.


No Will, No Accountant

Prince was not one for keeping track of his money. His family was left with a huge mess to deal with when he passed away, and he didn’t even leave them a will. Good luck guys.


The Pain of Loss

Prince’s partner, Mayte Garcia- Nelson suffered a miscarriage not long after she lost her first son. She stated that this devastation most likely brought on the end of her relationship with Prince. It is thought that this event inspired lyrics in some of his sadder songs.


Legal Battles

Prince was very wary of any documents or contracts that he was asked to sign. For him, it was enough to have beautiful model advisors instead of experienced staff to help him deal with his finances.


Life or Death

In the song Purple Rain, Prince refers to God as dating white women. This led to many death threats and some serious incidents when the artist was stalked by angry listeners. People can take things so literally.


Name Change in the 90’s

No one really understands why Prince changed his stage name to a symbol in 1994. It’s not the only crazy thing he did throughout his life, but it certainly is the most baffling.


Going Back to Prince

In 2000, Prince changed his name back to, well Prince. It was rumored that he was battling with psychological and health issues. His weight was only 100 pounds and had bad pain in his knees from all the antics he did on stage.


A Devout Person

Many people don’t realize that Prince was actually a strict Jehovah’s Witness. He would never have surgery or even blood transfer because it was illegal in this religion.


Androgynous Confusion

One of the reasons so many people loved Prince was for his absurd character that encompassed both hetero and homo sexuality. Though, with his new found religion, Prince gave a lot of people a bad taste when he actively rejected homosexuality at an interview.


Don’t Ask

Though no one really knows for sure what Prince’s true sexuality was, Boy George started the rumor mill when he said he slept with Prince. He later said it was just a joke, but no one dares to ask more.


Internet Phobia

The internet was not a thing Prince admired. He actually refused putting his music on Youtube because he wanted to get paid first. Overall he didn’t like anything digital, and was quite skeptical about the longevity of the internet.


Talented Beyond his Years

Yes, Prince was an eccentric artist. But no one can fault him for being a talented performer, singer, dancer and everything in between. He has countless hits which will go down in the musical history books forever.


Home Sweet Home

If you thought that Prince lived in the lap of luxury, think again. From the outside, his home looks more like a warehouse than a castle. Though if you went inside you would have found purple walls and extraordinary décor.


The Recording Studio

To get inspiration, Prince made his studio feel just like he did. The walls were red and purple, with lit candles along the sides. No wonder he wrote some sensual songs in this environment.


Love Life

Prince had thousands of female worshippers who would’ve given anything to be his girl. Bria Valenta was the lucky one for some time, always dressed to impress and living it up in style.


Converting the Converted

Not many people know that Prince actually went knocking on people’s houses to try and convert them to Jehovah Witness. Wouldn’t it be great to open the door to someone like him?


Romancing a Playboy Girl

Only after he died did Devin Devasquez come out and speak about her fling with Prince. She stated that it was his incredible charm that made her fall head over heels for him.


Known As

We all know him as Prince, but he also had numerous other names he went by. Take for example, The Minneapolis Midget and The Purple Purv. Sounds a bit like Prince.


Basketball Star

Yes, he was short and skinny. But did you know that Prince was actually a fantastic basketball player? Not your regular physic, but just goes to show size doesn’t matter.


On Deaths Door

Reportedly, a few days before he passed away, Prince had to make an emergency visit to a hospital in Illinois. He was given medication to neutralize the opioid in his body. Though he was told to remain in the hospital, he checked out after only 3 hours.


The Price of Fame

The cause of Prince’s death remained unknown for 6 weeks, until the coroner announced it was due to an accidental overdose of Fentanyl. The sadness that hit the world was immense, and even those that weren’t big fans mourned for him.


Too Much?

When Prince wants something, he gets it. On tour in the UK he wanted to a grand piano in his hotel room, but because it was so big (obviously) he hired a crane to bring it in.