25 College Footballers Who Will Be NFL Stars

College Football is like a glimpse into the future. This is where the young talent of the sport are refined, and where future stars are born. Let’s take a look at the 25 most promising College Footballers who may go on to be star players in the NFL, and potentially legends of the sport.

Charles Harris – University of Missouri

Harris hasn’t exactly been getting his dues this year, but that’s largely down to how poorly Missouri has been playing as a team this season. Harris is blameless in this situation and has been doing the best he can with a bad situation.


Dalvin Cook (Florida State – RB)

A good running back is essential to getting anywhere in an intense game of Football. That’s where Dalvin Cook comes in. The man is a machine. With over 1000 yards ran over consecutive seasons for the Florida State team, his athletic prowess cannot be questioned.


Reggie Ragland (Alabama – LB)

Even with his strong skills as a formidable left back, Reggie Ragland commands the field with intense charisma. Built like a tank, you wouldn’t want to go up against Ragland unprepared. Don’t underestimate him; you may be reading his name in the history books someday.


Desmond King (Iowa – CB)

King in name, king in play. Desmond King is dominating as a centre back. He’s most certainly the best player Iowa has right now, and there’s no doubt he’s destined for greater things. You’ll be seeing more of Desmond King soon.


Corey Coleman (Baylor – WR)

Coleman’s got speed and endurance that can’t be beaten. He runs like the wind, and he’s just as hard to catch. He’s the type of player that if you blink, he’ll already be halfway across the playing field. Any team that needs some speed will be lucky to grab him.


Ricky Seals-Jones (Texas A&M – WR/TE)

You might not have heard of Seals-Jones, and I don’t blame you. He’s been the unsung underdog of his team. He’s a lot lighter than many other players in his field, but with a little bit of bulking up, he’d be unstoppable.


Vernon Butler (Louisiana Tech – DT)

What’s there to say about Butler that hasn’t already been stated? The guy is a natural and could go professional any day now. With teams lining up to take him on, you can’t say Butler lacks choices. It all depends now on if he makes the right one.


Brad Kaaya (Miami – QB)

Kaaya has been in a rut for some time. His last two seasons have disappointed, and his touchdowns aren’t as frequent as before. Still, it’s undeniable that the kid has talent. The hope is that with some good coaching, he’ll be back on top form.


Budda Baker (Washington – S)

Budda Baker has one of the most fun names to say in the College game. Which is good news, considering his name is going to be on everyone’s lips quite soon. With skills and traits all the top teams are hungry for, Baker will be in high demand.


Keanu Neal (Florida – DB)

With a definite traditional Football player look, it’ll be confident he’ll fit in on whatever team he ends up joining. His skills on the field are no slouch either, with supreme athleticism and strength behind him. As another Keanu once famously said, “Whoah”.


J.T. Barrett (Ohio State – QB)

Barrett is without a doubt the quarterback to watch this season. While having come back from injury and a poor season before that, Barrett is seemingly back on top form. With a tremendous throwing ability, this guy alone can make other teams sweat with anxiety.


Chris Jones (Mississippi State – DL)

Jone’s speed has surprised many people this season. With the ability to get halfway across the field before you’ve even finished saying “Mississippi”, he’s like a tank with a rocket strapped to him. Beware of Chris Jones.


Deshaun Watson (Clemson – QB)

Nobody thought the Clemson Tigers could make the championship last year. That’s before they saw what Watson could do. With long throws and an impressive number of touchdowns on his record, this guy will never be underestimated again.


Jarran Reed (Alabama, DL)

Now Reed isn’t the quickest guy on the field, but what do you expect? The man is built like an Ox. He might not be able to sprint like the rest, but his defence is impenetrable. You might as well run head first into a wall.


Leonard Fournette (LSU – RB)

You can be forgiven for thinking Fournette is a demi-god. He certainly plays like one at the least. With fifteen touchdowns over seven games, he’s already made his mark on the game. The more experience he gets, the better he’ll play too.


Eli Apple (Ohio State – DB)

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. That isn’t the case with Eli Apple. His strong defence has made him a standout this season. With surprisingly more strength than you’d expect from his athletic frame, opposing teams may underestimate him to their folly.


Mike Williams (Clemson – WR)

You can be forgiven for thinking Williams is a showoff. He is, pure and simple. Luckily, he’s a showoff with the skills to back it up. He’s probably a whole lot faster than anybody else playing College Football right now, and that’s for sure.


Shaq Lawson (Clemson – DL)

If you play with Lawson, you know to be cautious around him. An excellent strategist with a superb offence. You’d be better off trying to fight a tank than picking one with Lawson. Undeniably powerful, he’ll be of interest to many professional teams.


Josh Doctson (TCU – WR)

Doctson hasn’t been heard of much this season, but he’s due to make a big splash. He’s one of the best supporting players of his generation. He may just be the unsung hero of his whole team, and certainly invaluable to them.


Myles Garrett (Texas A&M – DE)

While concerns about injuries and enthusiasm, you might be wondering why Garrett is even on this list. The truth is that Garrett can play better than anybody if he tries. Motivation is the key here, and may flourish with better coaching.


Jack Conklin (Michigan State – QL)

Conklin is something of an unknown right now. While there are certainly better players than him around right now, he’s far from the worst. Given time and proper coaching, he could come into his own.


Corey Davis (Western Michigan – WR)

Corey Davis won’t be within College Football for long. Why? It’s because he’s likely to get draughted into a professional team next year. He’s truly ready to ascend to the next level. As a bonus, he’s a great cold weather player due to his Michigan roots.


Jared Goff (California – QB)

Don’t let his slim frame fool you, Goff is right at home on the Football field. Having broken career records over and over, Goff is a play that keeps improving. A skilled technician of the game, and likely a future legend in the making.


Jake Butt (Michigan – TE)

Teases about his last name aside, Butt is a game changer. By flipping the script on his tight end position and turning him into a receiver, Butt is a player that can be hard to predict. Opposing teams better use caution when planning their attack.


A’Shawn Robinson (Alabama – DL)

Built like a house, you’d want to think twice about going up against Robinson. His command of the field makes him a tough one to avoid. I don’t pity any opposing players that get in Robinson’s way.